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  • 45 分鐘
  • 350澳大利亚元 起
  • Brisbane


妹妹原装纯天然顶级身材,九头身超模比例,身高170cm,一双白到发光的大长腿就能让你颅内高潮!流畅的鹅蛋脸型,温柔的双眸,小巧精致的肉嘟嘟粉色小嘴,谁看了不喊一声美女呢? 性格温柔乖巧,重要的是服务质量保证是五星级别的,接纳度和配合度非常高,女上位尤其擅长,贴心尽心尽力满足客人所有的小癖好!鲍鱼紧致,鲜美可口,既追求妹妹颜值又追求顶尖服务的,万万不可错过她,一定让您满意而归! I am a girl from Japan, I am 170 tall, a pair of white and straight long legs is my proudest capital, they are in front of you, can make you cranial orgasm! I have a gentle and well-behaved character, the important thing is that the quality of service is guaranteed to be five-star level, acceptance and cooperation is very high, I am very good at female supremacy, not only to satisfy your desire for conquest, but also to let you feel the pleasure of being invaded by me. I promise to do my best to satisfy all my guests' pet peeves! I am currently based in Adelaide and looking to meet more interesting guests, let's pursue the perfect exciting sexual experience together! Don't miss me, I will make sure you are satisfied! 服务:女友体验陪伴+婴儿油日式spa💆,🫦,高跟👠黑丝,sexy lingerie, 剧情Cosplay,香漫迷情 Services: GFE+massage Hot price: $350/45mins, on! 🔥 预约请联系📲:0428506963 ☎️ For reservation, please contact: 0428506963

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