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韩国玉面小狐狸🦊Korean Jade-Faced Fox

  • 45 分鐘
  • 200澳大利亚元 起
  • Brisbane


(布里斯班南区) (South Brisbane) 韩剧女主角照进现实一般的极品美女,一秒带你体验韩国欧巴的快乐~ 坚挺饱满的圆润双峰呼之欲出!A4小蛮腰搭配翘臀和腰窝,💯百分百的气质女神等你拿捏🫴欧巴们还等什么?快来碗里享受人间尤物! 比例超正,腿长还直,腿控冲! 没有套路,直球出击,可甜可御,要什么给你什么的大宝贝儿 外表温婉可人,邻家大姐姐即视感,但是性格又开朗活泼,愿意接受各种挑战,一个顶三个的超赞性价比女神哦~ She's like the stunning leading lady from a Korean drama brought to life🧚🏽‍♀instantly taking you on a journey to experience the joy of a Korean obba. Her firm and full rounded peaks are a sight to behold! Paired with an A4-sized slender waist and a perky backside and waistline, a 100% goddess is waiting for you to exploreWhat are you waiting for, obbasCome and savor this earthly temptress in your bowl!‍‍ Impeccable proportions, legs that go on forever, a treat for leg enthusiasts!🦵🏿 No tricks, straightforward and versatile, this sweetheart can be sweet or commanding, a generous treasure ready to grant your wishes. She appears gentle and approachable, like the girl next door, but her personality is lively and spirited, willing to take on any challenge. She's a super high-value goddess who's worth any others, oh~ 普通服务Only Services: GFE+massage Hot price: $350/45mins, on! 🔥 预约请联系📲:0428506963 ☎ For reservation, please contact: 0428506963

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